Yamaha Gp,Vx,Fx,Ex ( EXR) 2010- 2020: (No Cut No Drill)

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  1. Free shipping, Easy to Install , No Cut No Drill


Due to the raise in shipping charges over seas we have to charge more, we make zero money on shipping over seas. We are sorry for increase in price , but we are still a small business and we have to charge what it cost us. Thank you for your understanding.

  • $39.99 over seas including Canada (it will most likely be shipped by USPS priority) typically takes Seven to 14 days
  • This will charged at the time of check out.

Free Shipping to orders over 49.99 in the Us and Puerto Rico 

If you have a 2021 Gp click on this link


Gp 1800/Vx/FX/EX /EXR -No Cut No Drill Bracket:

*******(IF YOU OVER SEAS $39.00 SHIPPING WILL be added a time of check out ,this ONLY covers the braket..
  • Ex and newer 2020 Fx models you do NOT need the #3 tool check your steering , you should have Allen Bolts also if you have  2007-2008 please contact me before you order. 

Once you order your new bracket, you receive a Thank you message , this message will also have your install video, please save it that you can you install your bracket with ease.


So you want some sound on your Gp, Fx or Vx Ex Ski? Well you are in the right place. Find out why we are the Go to Speaker Bracket company on the web.

This is the No Cut No Drill Speaker bracket for 2010- Present Yamaha Skis..


Just say no to bungees, zip ties, and Duck tape … Yes I said Duck tape.  This Bracket bolts right to you steering , provided very nice sound at an affordable price. Don’t waste money on big expensive systems, the other systems do no allow the flexibility of this bracket. Not only can you have music on your ski, but you can also have it in the shop, house, and beach, etc , Just loosing straps and go. If you get this bracket I suggest the A SOUNDWAV SPEAKER, click on link for a quick descriptions of the different speakers , OR the new Soundwav80 watt speaker By Pwcbrackets , this is speaker is  louder, than a yamaha factory system while riding  , we also now offer a wireless Bluetooth controller that works with most makes and models of Bluetooth speakers  , you can add here for a discount. For more info you can use this link 

Expect sound up to about 40-50 mph’s with the 60 watt and about 50-60 with the 80 watt or 120 watt,  depends on your riding style, after that the wind makes a little hard to hear..

  • Included:
  • Speaker Bracket
  • Stainless steal mounting hardware
  • Custom Straps
  • Instruction Install Video

We do suggest the SOUNDWAV60 or SOUNDWAV120speaker for best setup.

If you plan on using the Jbl Extreme of any versions  you will need to contact us because you will need a stainless steal bracket that cost 69.99 , it comes with other hard ware and longer straps ( side note our 80 watt speaker is louder than all Jbl Extremes speakers). If you buy our 120 combo( which is louder and more cost effective Than the extreme and other speakers of its size )  it comes with everything you need at no extra cost. Or click on the link below.


Click the link below







This is very addition to your ski. It has the the ability to add my No Cut No Drill Cell phone phone holder.

Ride Safe Ride Loud

Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 4 in

GP, FX, VX, Ex

Speaker Combo Deal

Yes please add the 80w ( Lets get Crazy), Upgrade me to the 60watt speaker, Lets get crazy 120watt speaker, No I have my own Speaker

Bracket Colors



YES Add #3 phillips for $5 for easy install, No I have allen bolts or my own #3 bit

WIreless Bluetooth Buttom

Yes add For $14.99, No don't add

12 reviews for Yamaha Gp,Vx,Fx,Ex ( EXR) 2010- 2020: (No Cut No Drill)

  1. John Lucas

    Very happy with my Yamaha FX speaker bracket from Pwcbrackets. Delivery was quick and the product is high quality. In addition, I had some questions that were answered quickly which made installation a piece of cake! I definitely recommend Pwcbrackets.

  2. John Tinsley

    Perfect fit and easy install on my 2019 vx cruiser! Customer service is outstanding. Very responsive and willing to adress any concerns. The bracket is out of the way if you don’t want to use it and convenient when you do. The adapter to hold your phone is a great addition as well. It is also easy to take on or off depending on your needs. The step by step YouTube videos are very helpful on install, no surprises.

  3. joey isidro (verified owner)

    Very nice to have it on your jetaki. Product is very nice and easy to install. And david has great customer service and support. You ask he will answer and teach you what to do. Very entertaining. So you if still don’t have it order yours now.

  4. Ro-1 from Curacao.

    i just mounted my Pwc bracket on my Yamaha and its awesome…thnx to them now i can enjoy my saltlife here in the Caribbean to the max

  5. Gene smith (verified owner)

    Got my brackets pretty quickly. Nice install video. Fits great and holds my speaker nice and secure. Definitely a great add on without having to drill any holes or cut up my brand new ski. Would definitely purchase again.

  6. Nick (verified owner)

    Absolutely thrilled with my purchase and interactions with this small business owner. Product was shipped same day as ordered and arrived PROMPTLY! I consider myself mildly capable at modifications – even still, all my follow up questions were thoroughly responded to. This guy really wants people to get the most utility and enjoyment out of his products, and it shows. Cannot wait to get this out on the water!

  7. Andrea Fannin (verified owner)

    I purchased the bracket for our 2017 VX. Stalked the Facebook page, watched the video installation directions, and then pulled the trigger and bought the speaker bracket and phone holder. It took some elbow grease to remove the original bolts (aka had to ask someone to help me), but totally doable. The video directions were very helpful! Had an issue with a part and the owner was quick to help and respond. Machine is used mostly by our teenage daughters on the lake, and of course they want to have their tunes. The kids love it, and it has worked well with our speaker!

  8. David Westmoreland (verified owner)

    I purchased a bracket for my VX Limited. Quick Ship and the best customer service possible. Had a couple questions and he called me and answered immediately. I definitely recommend!! Make sure you support PWCBRACKETS.COM

  9. Kenny

    Thank you so much you were a great help thanks for calling and showing me the brackets. Felt like I was talking to a friend. Can’t wait to install. Thank you again. Definitely recommend to everyone. Customer Service is great.

  10. Carlos ortiz

    I got the bracket for my Yamaha, I went to installed but I didn’t see the instructions(big mistake) I need damage one of the screws, fortunately I txt Dave that day and he txt back right away!!!! He help me go thru and send me some news screws in order to install it. There is no better customer service than that. The bracket is awesome and hold my jbl perfectly. Thanks!!!!!!

  11. Melanie (verified owner)

    Awesome bracket and speaker. Service was great as Dave made sure I received my bracket to New Zealand.Will for sure order more stuff.
    I also use the speaker at home and works great. Thanks Dave

  12. Shawn (verified owner)

    I purchased this bracket for my 2010 vx sport and couldn’t be happier. I had a problem with my mounting bolt holes and Dave sent out the correct bolts required to mount it. Fits my jbl charge 5 like a glove and it’s defiantly not going anywhere. 10/10

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