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  • If you are over seas the speaker cost me 40 dollars to ship , so if you order you will be charger $18 flat shipping on top of the $15.00 the,  we only apply this extra shipping to combo deals and the speakers. if you order just the bracket it will be covered under the $18 flat rate.. 

We are doing a speaker by it self, and we are doing a combo deal.. Thanks Again for you purchase.

You are looking at the Soundwav60 By Pwcbrackets, this speaker is a 60 watt, Bluetooth  speaker that fills the air, fills the room , and works perfect with my brackets. It is really loud, really loud.. Yes I said really LOUD TWICE . It is louder that the Megaboom 3 ( 36 watts),  Megablast ( 36 watts)  and the Extreme 2  ( 40 watts).


This speaker is waterproof, It is not Dunk Proof..     So what this means is you can get it wet, you can wash your ski, Leave it in the rain, Ride your ski,pour water on in.  It just does not like it when it is dunked. I repeat it does not like to be completely submerged


If you know me,  I am very Honest.. If you questions about this speaker please contact me ..

We have put this speaker through alot of testing.. and most of my customers, said they are happy with the Ip67 rating with more volume

.. If you plan on dunking it, or like to throw you speaker in the water , I would suggest a less powerful ip7 rated speaker.

Please watch the video below.. they help you make a decision.

*All my prices including shipping in the Us , and Puerto Rico, If you live over seas please contact for shipping info. 


If you are interested in a combo deal please look into your Make and model , there will be an option to add the speaker to you product.




Speaker Info:

  • 60 watts
  • Louder than competition
  • More features ( Google Voice, Memory card tf Slot, Usb c Fast charging, Aux In )
  • Dsp chipet Sound
  • ip67 waterproof
  • Tws pairing ( connect 2 speaker together)
  • 3.0 hour charge time
  • 8.0 continuous play back
  • We strongly suggest the wireless puck with this speaker.


Additional information


Free in the Us $0, Outside add 15$ to ship this on top of my over seas shipping

2 reviews for Soundwav60

  1. Enrico Fiannaca

    First, let me begin by saying that David is a true professional. What CEO of a company calls you back on your personal cell phone when having questions or an issue. David truly loves what he’s doing!

    Now for the review… When David recommend the new Soundwave I was a bit nervous as I tried numerous speakers on my ski with no luck. Let’s face it when you’re moving fast not having a good speaker you can forget hearing your music. I decided to take Dave’s word and I’m glad I did. I purchased the combo package, which included the new bracket and speaker. All I can say is “Awesome and Thank You” The speaker sounds amazing and the bracket fits perfectly on my Yamaha. I highly recommend purchasing both products… And please remember Dave will support you throughout your purchase, including the installation and that’s key!


      Customers like you are the reason i keep do what im doing .. Thank you so much , i am humbled by this review

  2. Anthony

    Dave is second to none with his customer service and satisfaction. He goes above and beyond for his customers. Not to mention that he sells a premium product that blows away the competition. The sound wave speaker is absolutely phenomenal and will shock anyone who hears it. Extremely loud and clear as advertised. It is also complimented nicely but the smart remote and they both work great together. Over all I’m very pleased with both the product and the customer service. Highly recommended to everyone.

    Thank you PWC brackets!


      Thank you brother I’m glad we were able to get you situated we appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through covid-19. If you have any other questions for concerns you know you can contact me and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Until then Ride Safe Ride loud

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