SoundWav 2.0 50w Speaker

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This is 99.99 While supplies last .. when you order in the notes sections please type the make , model, an year of your ski and we will get your order filled. If you have a problem with that you can email us after you order with your order number and give it to us there. . This is free shipping only in the Us. Outside the us please contact us for shippin prices. 

Check out our new Eva cases they work great to protect the speakers.

50/60 watt Soundwav Eva Case

We are doing a speaker by it self, and we are doing a combo deal.. Thanks Again for you purchase.

You are looking at the Soundwav 2.0 By Pwcbrackets, this speaker is a 50 watt, Bluetooth  speaker that fills the air, fills the room , and works perfect with my brackets. It is really loud, really loud.. Yes I said really LOUD TWICE . It is louder that the Megaboom 3 ( 36 watts),  Megablast ( 36 watts)  and the Extreme 2  ( 40 watts).  

We Highly recommend the Wireless Puck  12.99. Makes controlling the speaker easier. 


If you know me,  I am very Honest.. If you have  questions about this speaker please contact me ..

We have put this speaker through alot of testing.. and most of my customers, said they are happy with the Ipx7 rating with more volume

Please watch the video below.. they help you make a decision.

*All my prices including shipping in the Us , and Puerto Rico, If you live over seas please contact for shipping info. 


If you are interested in a combo deal please look into your Make and model , there will be an option to add the speaker to you product.

Speaker Info:

  • 50 watts
  • Louder than competition
  • More features ( Google Voice, Memory card tf Slot, Usb c Fast charging, Usb Fast charge out Aux In )
  • Dsp chipet Sound
  • ipx6 waterproof
  • Tws pairing ( connect 2 speaker together)
  • 3.0 hour charge time
  • 8.0 continuous play back ( At regulat volume we get about 2.5-3 hours at max volume) remember this speaker 50 watts so if you turn it down to match the volume of your current speaker you will get the 8.0 hours.

Below we have added quite a few videos to show you the differences in the speakers. the UE megaboom in the jbl’s are great speakers but for this particular application our speaker is much better. the reason why is because our speakers are forward-facing speakers and are not designed for a 360° setup like the JBL and the UE megabooms.attached to videos that show a mega boom taken apart and you can also watch the video on the JBL being taken apart so basically when you’re using one of these two speakers only listening to one speaker at a time.




Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 4 in


Wireless Button

Yes add for 12.99, No do not add


Free in the Us $0, Outside add 15$ to ship this on top of my over seas shipping

1 review for SoundWav 2.0 50w Speaker

  1. Colin Lewis

    This speaker is amazing had it for a few days now and I’m enjoying the quality of sound. Also the convenient size and shape make it a no brainer when it comes time to purchase. 10/10 would recommend!

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