2021 – Present Gp1800r, Fx , Vx ,Ex (No Cut No Drill SPEAKER BRACKET)

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Free shipping, Easy to Install , No Cut No Drill


  • If you plan on using the Extreme 2  you will need to contact us because you will need a stainless steal bracket that cost 69.99 , it comes with other hard ware and longer straps. If you buy our 120 combo( which is louder and more cost effective )  it comes with everything you need at no extra cost. 

Yamaha Gp, Fx, Ex

( 2021- Present) 


(IF YOU OVER SEAS $39.99 SHIPPING WILL be added a time of check out ,this ONLY covers the braket.. if you order the combo deal you have to add the $15 to cover the weight of the speaker.)– we  are now using dhl so the cost has gone up we are very sorry for price jump once usps opens back up we will be able to lower cost back down to 18.00

Free Shipping to orders over 49.99 in the Us and Puerto Rico 

Once you order your new bracket, you receive a Thank you message , this message will also have your install video, please save it that you can you install your bracket with ease.


So you want some sound on your New Gp1800? Well you are in the right place. Find out why we are the Go to Speaker Bracket company on the web.

  • If you are over seas and order the speaker do not forget to add the extra $15

Just say no to bungees, zip ties, and Duck tape … Yes I said Duck tape.  This Bracket bolts right to you steering , provided very nice sound at an affordable price. Don’t waste money on big expensive systems, the other systems do no allow the flexibility of this bracket. Not only can you have music on your ski, but you can also have it in the shop, house, and beach, etc , Just loosing straps and go. If you get this bracket I suggest the speaker By Pwcbrackets it is louder ,and better than Yamaha kit that cost over $400.00 , this link will explain he speakers we currently sell we also now offer a wireless Bluetooth controller that works with most makes and models of Bluetooth speakers , you can add here for a discount. For more info you can use this link

Expect sound up to about 40-50 mphs depends on your riding style, after that the wind makes a little hard to hear..

  • Included:
  • Speaker Bracket
  • Stainless steal mounting hardware
  • Custom Straps
  • Instruction Install Video on
    • WE suggest the 60watt speaker for this set up , we have have it as a combo deal and the wireless button helps make it easier . 

We do not suggest the Jbl Extreme 2 as your speaker will not fit properly 

*The Speaker in the pictures is not included.. It the soundwav2.o  we sell it as a combo .





This is very addition to your ski. It has the the ability to add my No Cut No Drill Cell phone phone holder.

Ride Safe Ride Loud

Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 4 in



2021, 2022, 2023

SPEAKER /BRACKET Combo Deal ( speaker options)

Yes please add the 80w Soundwav80 (PREORER), YES ADD 60WATT SPEAKER Round, Yes Please add the 120(with stainless steel black Bracket ), No I have my own Speaker

Bracket Colors

V2BLUEANO, V2BlkPowder, V2GREENAN0DISED, V2PINKANO, NewPowderBlue, V2RedAnodised

WIreless Bluetooth Buttom

Yes add For $12.99, No don't add

$15 over seas add on ( only for for combo deal overseas)

Yes add 15$ for combo deal over seas shipping ( wireless button is free ), $0 Us /Puertro Rico and just bracket over seas

2 reviews for 2021 – Present Gp1800r, Fx , Vx ,Ex (No Cut No Drill SPEAKER BRACKET)

  1. tom gallagher (verified owner)

    2022 vx cruiser ho.
    Dave’s customer service is top notch, only business I know that will get on the phone from his personal phone and chat with you. products are top notch and look great

  2. Rob Storch (verified owner)

    2022 VX Cruiser HO
    Read as much as I could online about PWC brackets and decided to place an order. Figured I would buy the braket, Bluetooth controller, and longer straps to accommodate a speaker I already had. It was a good price and I couldn’t pass it up. A few days later I received a phone call from an unrecognized number. Well it’s Dave. He took the time to call me personally and discuss my order to make sure that what I had ordered was going to work for my application. We discussed a few things, and he made a recommendation to upgrade the bracket to handle the weight of the larger speaker I had already purchased. I have never had a business owner check in with me before hand to ensure that what I had purchased was going to meet my needs. I have zero reservations that his products will be anything less than 100% what I need. This level of customer service should be a benchmark for all others. Also he was a great guy to chat with. Kudos Dave and look forward to additional business with you in the future.

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