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About us :

Welcome to our page! We’re here to help you upgrade your personal watercraft experience with our high-quality sound systems. Our systems deliver crystal-clear sound in any environment and are designed for easy installation. With Bluetooth connectivity, you can stay connected and stream music from your phone or device. Perfect for enhancing your ride and adding some fun to your next watercraft adventure. Check out our products and start enjoying your favorite tunes on the water today! #soundsystems #personalwatercraft #Bluetoothconnectivity

    Solid company, bunch of friends have this setup, decided to pull the trigger. Had a few questions about product sent a message and owner called to take care of everything on a Sunday, always appreciate good customer service and a solid product

    Pwcbrackets 84628273_176159830277856_972693363922829312_n.jpg?stp=c29.0.100.100a_dst-jpg_p100x100&_nc_cat=1&ccb=1-7&_nc_sid=12b3be&_nc_ohc=CfWz3279CK8AX_cbwDx&_nc_ht=scontent About Us  Eric Finz
    December 4, 2022

    Awesome product. Easy install and sounds great. Highly recommended. Don’t wait order yours today, you won’t be disappointed.

    Pwcbrackets ?psid=5984187891660866&height=100&width=100&ext=1680331323&hash=AeS8RLSuFwcrvpFASnU About Us  Chris Astleford
    October 1, 2022

    Giday peeps, my bracket arrived yesterday Australian time, I was immediately impressed by the standard of packaging. Upon opening the box, super impressed at the actual bracket, I wasn’t expecting such quality! All the needed components are supplied and are of the same high standard! Install is seriously easy! I am off on a 4 day ride around the western side of Fraser Island in a couple days and I will have the beats pumping! Cheers and ride safe and ride really loud!

    Pwcbrackets ?psid=8862740870466063&height=100&width=100&ext=1680331323&hash=AeR8sE1mG5b-Jtx5y8c About Us  Steve Noel
    September 22, 2022